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Legal Research: Environmental (temporary Spring 2023): Module 8

While Moodle recovers, a site for our course.

Module 8 — Finding Codes

This week we dive into finding U.S. Federal codes. It's a number of mostly-short screencasts providing a mix of high level and some specific tips and tools. Many are short!


Screencast 0: Statutes and Codes — The Basics (24 min:23 sec)
This one is optional. But it's a (relatively) rollicking review of how statutes and codes relate, what they are, and all sorts of fake little spot quizzes to help you out. 

Screencast 1: Finding Statutes and Codes — Secondary Sources (1:22)

Screencast 2: Finding Statutes and Codes — Citations (1:42)

Screencast 3: Finding Statutes and Codes — Popular Name Table (14:07)

Screencast 4: Finding Statutes and Codes — Indexes (6:35)

Screencast 5: Finding Statutes and Codes — Table of Contents (6:48)

Screencast 6: Finding Statutes and Codes — Browse & Search (21:27)

Screencast 7: Finding Statutes and Codes — Historical Codes (7:38)

Screencast 8: Finding Statutes and Codes — Specialized Resources (9:50)
(In which your professor forgets to mention practice guides and treatises which so very helpfully include complete and updated Codes for environmental legislation. For example, the many statutes re-published in the invaluable Treatise on Environmental Law, such as the Clean Air Act, here)


Module 8 Exercise: Statutes and Codes and Citators

One exercise, picking up on many of the tools and tips shown in the screencasts. Please hold off on submitting until Moodle returns. And if it doesn't return, await further instruction. 

Questions? Contact Professor Truman through all the many means of reaching him (email/zoom/visit/phone).