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Legal Research: Environmental (temporary Spring 2023): Module 9

While Moodle recovers, a site for our course.

Module 9 – Administrative Law

In which we dive deep into Administrative Law. In particular, Depp into the U.S. federal regulatory process and the key documents produced.



A note from your professor: There is quite a bit of lecture here. Again, and especially on this topic, the students in this course range from those with almost no experience with federal regulations, and students with more experience than said professor. And so, I recommend reviewing each video and if you determine that you don't need it or only parts, watch only those parts. You have the control.

Screencast 1, Part 1 — The Basics (28 min, 05 sec)

Screencast 1, Part 2 — The Basics, cont. (11:07)
This one (in two parts) is, like last module's equivalent on statutory basics, is quite optional. But it is another (very relatively) rollicking review of how federal regulations, what they are, and all sorts of fake little spot quizzes to help you along the path of regulatory wisdom. 

Screencast 2 — Ten Things Rob Loves About (18:51)

Screencast 3, Part 1 — Finding Federal Regulations: Browsing (eCFR, Lexis, Westlaw, and citatory) (21:22)

Screencast 3, Part 2 — Finding Federal Regulations: Statutory Authority (6:54)

Screencast 3, Part 3 — Finding Federal Regulations: Specialized & Secondary Materials (5:29)

Screencast 3, Part 4 — Finding Federal Regulations: Topic via Indexes (2:08)

Screencast 3, Part 5 — Finding Federal Regulations: Agency Websites (1:56)

Screencast 3, Part 6 — Finding Federal Regulations: Full-text Searching (7:13)