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Animal Law Research Guide: International & Foreign

Monkey in a jungle with international and foreign law written in the jungle leaves

Starting Points

If you are new to researching foreign and international law (or just need a refresher), the best way to get started is to visit our Foreign Law Research and International Law Research Guides.

Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law, Vol. 3: Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law

  • This encyclopedia covers major environmental treaties involving animal protection and includes thorough references to journal articles.


    • A database containing treaties, foreign statutes, foreign case law, and literature on animal conservation, ecosystem management, and other environmental law topics.
  • FAOLEX (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
    • A database containing foreign and international laws on food, agriculture, and natural resources.
  • Animal Legal & Historical Center (Michigan State University)
    • A database containing foreign statutes, international agreements, and articles on animal law.
      • For foreign law: under the "Search Materials" tab, select your country of interest.
      • For international law: under the "Search Materials" tab, select "Treaty" from the dropdown menu for "Legal Material Type."
  • Foreign Law Guide
    • A database indexing foreign laws by country and subject.
    • Visit the Animals & Animal Welfare index entry for a list of animal laws organized by country, with links to translated laws where available.


Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

  • IFLP is a multilingual index to articles from over 500 legal journals published worldwide, with in-depth coverage of foreign and international law. The index links to the full text of some (but not all) articles; if you are having trouble finding an article, see this page for tips on other places to look.

International Animal Law Journals

Finding Foreign Animal Law

Foreign Research Tips

  • Use country-specific research guides to understand foreign legal systems and identify major primary and secondary sources. GlobaLex and Library of Congress are good starting points.
  • Copy and paste website URLs into Google Translate to automatically translate them.
  • When using Google to find foreign law documents, you can narrow a search to a specific website with the "site:" search command. For example:
    • “laboratory animals”
    • "animal welfare"
  • See our guide on Foreign Law Research for more tips and resources.

Foreign Animal Law Resources

Finding Treaties and Other International Animal Law

International Research Tips

Secondary Sources

Major International Agreements

Proposed International Agreements


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