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Bar Exam Study Resources: Retaking the Bar Exam

Law library services and support for your bar exam preparation.

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This page is based on the article "The Top 5 Reasons People Do Not Pass the Bar Exam." Each section has resources and strategies to help you succeed on the bar exam.

Knowing Nuances of the Law

Not knowing nuances of the law can hold you back from peak performance on the bar exam. The following tools will help with memorization and outlining the nuances, details, and exceptions to the rule that are frequently tested on the bar exam.

Essay Practice

Waiting until you know all the material does not leave much time for practicing essay writing. Top tips suggest practicing real life bar questions as you study instead of waiting until the end.

Methodical Approach to the MBE

The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) writes the MBE each year. Practicing real MBE questions will help you prepare for the structure of questions on the actual MBE. Other MBE tips include taking time each day to practice a few MBE questions instead of 100s of questions at a time. Some practice guides suggest aiming for 33 MBE questions per day.


If you struggled with timing when taking the bar exam, try taking your practice exams under real test conditions. Don't forget about asking for accommodations, too (side bar).

Creating a Study Plan

Creating and sticking to a study plan can be key in passing the bar exam.

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Applying for Accommodations

Don't be afraid to ask for accommodations for the bar exam. Extra time, breaks, or typing modifications, can usually be requested by the test taker. Accommodations must be requested each time the exam is taken.

Student Wellness

Finding out that you were unsuccessful on the bar exam can be overwhelming and you may want to seek professional help to help you manage your thoughts, worries, hopes, or anxieties. Lewis and Clark and the Oregon Bar Association both have programs that you can use during these times.