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Digital Whiteboard: Do Not Disturb Tutorial

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Do Not Disturb Sign

Do Not Disturb Sign Tutorial



Looking for a way to create a quiet work or exam taking space? Do you have children that are having a hard time remembering when it's ok to interrupt or when you have class or an exam? Try making this rotating Do Not Disturb sign with them.

Gathering your materials


You will need cardstock in various colors, a ruler, a paper fastener, scissors, a pen or pencil, a circle template, and markers/crayons

Choosing Colors


Choose a different color for each saying (I have four colors here) and then colors for the front and back (brown in example). Let your child choose the colors and talk about what each color will mean. Red could mean stop, green go. Maybe choose a favorite color for the time it is ok to interrupt.

Draw a Circle


Using your template make a circle on each piece of paper. Cut each circle out.


Divide the Circle


Depending on how many sayings you will be using, divide your paper evenly using a ruler. This example has 4 sayings, so the circles are divided into quarters. Note: do not divide your front and back into quarters. When the paper is divided, cut along the lines.

Glue the Pieces



Glue the pieces to the "back" piece of paper.

Add Sayings


Come up with fun sayings, or pictures if your child can't read, that indicate your level of concentration needed for your current task.

Design the Front and Add Grommet


Cut a wedge out of your front the same size as your divided wedges. Do not cut all the way to the center. Have your child design the front however they want. This may give them a sense of ownership in it and make them more likely to observe the sign when it is in place. Insert the paper fastener in the center of the sign through the front and back pieces. Don't have a paper fastener? Try a pipe cleaner or even a bread bag tie.

Hang Your Sign


Hang your Do Not Disturb sign somewhere everyone can see it!