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Digital Whiteboard: Fifth day of study breaks

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Fifth day of study breaks

On the fifth day of study breaks, Boley gave to me... 5 Exploding Pops!


Testing out the science experiment of Soda Pop and Mentos, Boley tested 5 different brands against one another. Can you guess which one will explode the highest in the air?

Taking a quick break from studying and learning something fun, or watching a short video on a (non legal) topic can help get your brain ready for even more studying!!


Which soda pop will explode the highest?
Diet Pepsi: 3 votes (18.75%)
Diet A&W: 2 votes (12.5%)
Diet Coke: 7 votes (43.75%)
Diet 7-UP: 3 votes (18.75%)
Diet Cola: 1 votes (6.25%)
Total Votes: 16


Science Experiment

*To offset any food waste for this experiment, an equivalent amount was donated to a local food bank in Multnomah County, Oregon.