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Digital Whiteboard: Who Stole Bacon?

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Banner of Bacon

Someone stole Bacon for PILP's 32nd Annual Auction. Read about the suspects, then decide who you think stole Bacon. Donate to the most likely perpetrator and watch this page to see if you deduced the clues correctly. All donations can be made to: Venmo @Bradlee-Valandra use the name of the suspect in the memo. You can also donate cash at the PILP office on campus. Help get Bacon back and catch the thief!

Check out current totals donated for each suspect at the bottom of the page.


Suspect #1 Professor Tung Yin

Professor Yin

Professor Tung Yin

Professor Yin is suspected of aiding and abetting Snickers and Esper, the voraciously hungry duo known to use their adorable demeanor to distract from their criminal intent.

Suspect #3 Professor Jim Oleske

Jim Oleske

Professor Jim Oleske

Professor Oleske is suspected of appropriating Bacon to serve as the mascot of his new vegan restaurant, which serves "Vork Roll, T'Egg, and Cheeze", a plant based alternative to New Jersey's traditional breakfast sandwich, Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese.

Suspect #5 Professor Janet Steverson

Professor Steverson

Professor Janet Steverson

Professor Steverson is suspected of removing Bacon off campus due to her conviction that the use of a lucky charm is an inherent breach of contract during finals season.

Suspect #7 Dean Libby Davis

Dean Davis

Dean Libby Davis

Dean Davis is suspected of swiping Bacon so that she could research Bacon's fate-changing powers to help her deal with the many problems that face the student body.

Suspect #2 Dean Jennifer Johnson

Dean Johnson

Dean Jennifer Johnson

Dean Johnson is suspected of covering up the actions of the beloved but vicious Bruno, who remains determined to be the only cute animal allowed on campus.

Suspect #4 Assistant Registrar Brooke Mill

Brooke Mill

Assistant Registrar Brooke Mill

Registrar Mill is suspected of stealing Bacon in the process of eliminating all competition, so she is the only positive energy on campus during finals.

Suspect #6 Professor Sandy Patrick

Professor Patrick

Professor Sandy Patrick

When Bacon declined to judge 1L Oral Arguments, on the grounds that if would be too difficult to choose the best advocates amongst all the talented students, Professor Patrick pig-napped the porcine wonder in an attempt to change Bacon's mind.

Suspect # 8 Facilities Expert Reggie Raiford

Reggie Raiford

Facilities Expert Reggie Raiford

Reggie could no longer handle the never-ending task of keeping Bacon clean from law student's hands as as they rubbed Bacon for good luck. It became too much to bear, so he stole Bacon and put the bronze pig behind two fee of plate glass where Bacon would never be dirtied again.


Who do you think stole Bacon? (and don't forget to vote with your $$ using Venmo or cash)
Professor Tung Yin: 7 votes (18.92%)
Dean Jennifer Johnson: 6 votes (16.22%)
Professor Jim Oleske: 6 votes (16.22%)
Assistant Registrar Brooke Mill: 5 votes (13.51%)
Professor Janet Steverson: 4 votes (10.81%)
Professor Sandy Patrick: 2 votes (5.41%)
Dean Libby Davis: 2 votes (5.41%)
Facilities Expert Reggie Raiford: 5 votes (13.51%)
Total Votes: 37

Can't Decide?

Can't decide who the culprit is? You can still make a charitable donation to PILP through this link:

Donation Totals