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Immigration Law Research Guide: Home

Immigration materials and resources including crimmigration.


Welcome to Immigration Law Research

Welcome to immigration law research.

This guide is broken into 5 parts. Each part will help you expand your research area and find resources.

Part 1- Getting Started- These resources are general immigration resources to get you up to speed on a topic. It includes links to general immigration study aids and research books.

Part 2- History- This is a timeline of immigration law history with links to statutes, documents, and case law. Immigration law has a complicated history and this timeline will help sort out where and when many major immigration shifts happened in the U.S. (1776-2003)

Part 3- Secondary Sources- These sources help explain specific areas of immigration law and will help lead to on point primary sources. Sources include leading treatises, databases, websites, agency guidance, news sources, and reports. All resources are digitally available to help with virtual legal research.

Part 4- Primary Sources- These are the best bets for finding immigration law statutes, caselaw, statistics, and executive orders.

Part 5- Crimmigration- These resources can be used for investigating the intersection of criminal law and immigration- crimmigration.

Some resources are available through paid subscriptions specifically for Lewis and Clark students, faculty, and staff. A free alternative is listed, when available.


Introductory Immigration Texts

New Immigration Books at the Library

These are new books to the library in the last year on the topic of immigration.

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