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Law Library Policies: General Policies

Boley Law Library Policies

Quiet Study Areas

Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, see our Coronavirus Response Site for current hours and limited access policies.

The law library is for research and study. Patrons are expected to maintain a quiet atmosphere by refraining from loud conversation or other disruptive behavior in all areas of the law library and in the open study areas of Wood Hall. Persons disturbing other patrons will be asked to take their conversations outside the library quiet zones.

The law library staff encourages quiet conversation and collaborative academic work in the Library Commons. All patrons, however, should refrain from loud or disruptive conversations or other noisy behaviors in that area.

Library users are expected to first ask any person disturbing them to refrain from the loud or disruptive behavior. If the behavior doesn’t stop, the incident should be reported to library staff. Continued complaints may result in an Honor Code violation or a call to Campus Safety.

Phones and Audio

Cell phones may not be used while in the law library quiet study zones or the Wood Hall study areas. Please mute phones before entering the quiet zones and use ear buds/head phones while listening to audio on any device.

Library Computers and Wireless Access

Use of Library Computer Research Stations

The computers located in the Library Commons are primarily for student and research use. Please limit your use to 30 minutes if others are waiting for access. The use of these workstations by members of the General Public is limited to those performing legal research and should be limited to two hours per day. Patrons must log-in to use these work stations. There is a $.10/page printing fee for our non-student patrons. All print jobs may be retrieved from the Library Desk.

Access to Law School Wireless Network and Lab Computers

The Law School Computing Services Department is responsible for the school’s wireless network and lab computers. Students, faculty, staff, Law School alumni, members of a state bar and students from other law schools with reciprocity may connect a laptop to our network and/or have access to our computer labs. Contact a staff member in Computing Services (see the Lab Assistant office located in Wood Hall) with questions or to set up a new account.

Photocopiers, Scanning & Microform

Photocopying and Scanning

Our photocopy machine is available in the printer nook in the Boley stacks. The charge is ten (10) cents per copy if cash is used. The copiers accept coins, one, two and five dollar bills. Change for larger bills is available at the Library Desk. Students may not charge photocopying, except costs billed to a law firm through Attorney Services, a faculty member, or student groups. Account numbers are available at the Library Desk for charging to these accounts. Scanning to email is available to students on this photocopy machine.

Microfiche and Microfilm Copying

There are two machines that copy microforms for a cost of 10 cents/page.  One microform reader allows for scanning and digitizing images.

Repairs or Equipment Problems

Do not attempt to solve equipment problems. If a photocopier or microform copier has a paper jam, needs paper or ink or if any other equipment has any problem, please report it to the Library Desk immediately.

Food & Drink Policy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, see our Coronavirus Response Site for our temporary pandemic-related food and drink policies.

Beverages are permitted in the law library and in the Wood Hall study areas. Snack food that is not sticky, messy, smelly, or noisy can be brought into the law library for consumption, but any meals (including pizza) must be consumed outside the law library.

Food garbage should not go into the waste cans that are in the law library; it may be odorous and definitely attracts insects and book-unfriendly pests. Pack up and deposit your food related trash in the waste cans in the Wood Hall lobby area and please remember to clean up after yourself.

Study Rooms

Eight Study Rooms in Wood Hall are available to law students who need a short term quiet area to study.  Reservations for must be limited to four hours or fewer per person, per day. Use of these rooms is strictly limited to law students. Pets are not allowed in the Study Rooms with the exception of certified service and support animals.  Reserve a Study Room

General Use of the Law Library

General Use Carrels and Tables

All carrels and tables will be completely cleared at the end of each day. Library materials will be removed for reshelving. Any personal belongings will be held in Lost & Found at the Library Desk for a limited time.


Please place all library material on the center aisle carts after use. Library staff will reshelve the materials for you.


Library Instruction and Tours

The Reference staff provides library tours and instruction to support the Lewis & Clark Law School and the Lewis & Clark College curriculum. The law library is not available to any other educational institution or program for instructional purposes. Any instruction or tour of the law library directed by anyone other than a law library staff member must be authorized by either the Director of the Library, or one of the Assistant Directors. Non-authorized groups will be asked to leave.


Smoking is prohibited in all law school buildings and is no longer allowed anywhere on campus.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines may not be removed from the law library. Because newspapers and magazines are in high demand, please return them to the newspaper rack area when you are finished.

Lost & Found

The law library maintains a Lost & Found section at the Library Desk. Items are kept in Lost & Found for a limited time and will be disposed of at the discretion of the library staff.

Dogs and Other Companion Animals

Dogs and other companion animals are not allowed in the Law Library or Wood Hall study areas or study rooms. Certified service or support animals are allowed. See the full law school pet policy.