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Small Business Research Guide: Start Here

A guide to resources for small business and for those providing legal advice to small businesses including business formation, intellectual property protection, drafting legal documents, and employment law.

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Small Business Resource Guide. 

Here you will find links to legal and business resources available at the Boley Law Library for small businesses and those providing legal advice to small businesses. 

Each tab describes print and online resources addressing the common issues that arise in small business practice. Below you will find a few general resources that cover a wide range of small business issues.

Need some further research assistance? Ask a law librarian

For legal advice, contact the Small Business Legal Clinic.

General Resources for Small Business Advising

Government Resources

Several Federal and Oregon agency websites provide support and advice for small businesses. Check out the following links:

Research Help

We're here to help. Contact a research librarian for help with an assignment, project, or resource. 

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