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Statutes Research Guide: Constitutions

Comparing laws on the same subject across many jurisdictions

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Official U.S. Constitutions

U.S. Constitution Online

U.S. Constitution - Secondary Sources and Historical Guides

State Constitutions

Each state has a constitution, often modeled after the federal constitution but amended more frequently. Some state constitutions, such as Oregon's, confer broader rights and additional protections not found in the U.S. Constitution.

Official State Constitutions

Typically, the official state constitution is included in the first volume of each state's code, often with the U.S. Constitution included as well. For links to online state codes authorized by the state's legislature, check the following two, free sources:

Legal Information Institute

Law Librarians' Society of Washington, DC

For print versions of the state codes, check Boley Law Library's state materials, located between the West Reporters and the print law journals in the Reading Room.

Annotated State Constitutions

Both LexisAdvance and Westlaw contain current, annotated state constitutions, generally located within each state's "statutes & court rules" at the beginning of the code's Table of Contents.  By clicking on the constitution, one can construct a full-text keyword search only of the constitution.

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