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1L Survival Guide: Formatting Briefs

How to Format Your Brief

Recommended guides providing the "how-tos" of formatting appellate briefs in Microsoft Word.

Making Your Brief Look Great
Harvard Law School Library Blog
Perfect step-by-step instructions on using Word styles, Adding a table of contents, marking citations and adding a table of authorities.

How to Format an Appellate Brief
University of Montana School of Law Library
Excellent guides for both PC and Mac on (1) preparing your document, (2) creating your table of contents, (3) creating your table of authorities, (4) cover pages.

MS Word for Lawyers
University of Hawai'i School of Law Library
Clear, illustrated how-tos on using styles, creating TOCs and TOAs, inserting special symbols, and more.

Brief Formatting: Mark Citations for the TOA
Drake University Law School Library
Perhaps the most detailed step-by-step on the perilous task of marking citations.

Table of Authorities — The Ultimate Guide
Legal Office Guru
Clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions on all the basics and common problem areas.

Tech Training

Procertas Legal Tech Assessment (LTA)
Self-paced tech training for lawyers and law students. The LTA is self-paced and geared to helping you become proficient in the specific tasks done by lawyers dozens of times every day. From mastering styles in Word, sorting data in Excel, and redacting text in PDF, you will quickly gain proficiency beyond that of most legal professionals.

Find out more at our Procertas LTA site.

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