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100+ Books About the Law

Picture of Attorney General John Kroger who wrote this list of books about the law

Wide extra-curricular reading is an essential part of a good legal education and a common practice for both students and members of the bar seeking to expand their understanding of their profession. For students looking for guidance, we recommend the following list of books and articles. The list includes many works intended to make the study of law by the case method more coherent and rewarding. Other books were selected because of their immense influence on contemporary American law or their value for the formation of professional goals and values. Some were added simply because they are fun to read.

Finally, virtually all were selected in accordance with the belief that a critical part of legal education is to make lawyers better citizens, committed to the common good and prepared to serve and lead in their communities.

This list was authored in 2004 by former Attorney General and former professor of law John Kroger (above), who also served as president of Reed College.

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