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International Environmental Law Research Guide: Getting Started

Guide to international environmental law resources.

Introductory Resources

These electronic resources provide broad overviews of foreign and international law topics and can be useful starting points for your research.

Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law

Comprehensive discussion of international environmental law. Also includes limited discussion of national laws.

Available online.

IEL Environmental Law

Overviews of both international environmental law and the environmental laws of over 50 countries.

Available online.

International Environmental Law in a Nutshell

Summaries of major international environmental law topics.

Available online.

Cover ArtComparative Environmental Law and Regulation

Overviews of the environmental laws of over 60 countries. Accessible through Westlaw.

Available online.

Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law 

Broad discussion of international environmental law and its underlying principles.

Available online.

Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law

Concise introductions to a variety of international environmental law topics. Search within results for your topic of interest.

Available online.

CALI Lesson

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Finding Titles on National and Regional Environmental Programs

Using keyword searches in the Primo catalog, add the name of a country to environmental law. For example, environmental law India finds the title below. Once you've found a good source, click on the title to open the library record, then scroll down to the Subject Heading, and click on it to create a more comprehensive list of book and article titles.