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Research Refresher: Court Rules

Guide to refresh your research skills before a summer job or attorney position.

Court Rules

Early courtroom sceneDuring 1L year, you learn about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. But how do court rules affect the daily practice of law in state courts? 

Court rules touch on many aspects of legal practice, including the format of court documents, rules of service and process, how to calculate time for the purpose of court business, whether credit cards are accepted as payment, whether cell phones are permitted in the court room, etc. 

Each state has its own set of court rules and the organization of those rules varies by state. In Oregon, we have the Uniform Trial Court Rules, Supplementary Local Court Rules, Appellate Courts Rules, and Tax Court Rules. Typically the state courts' rules are available in your legal research databases (Bloomberg, Lexis, Westlaw) but are often easier to use on the state courts' website. 

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