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Introduction to U.S. Law for International Students: Online Resources

Introductory resources to help prepare international students for law school.

Online Resources

An excellent, comprehensive guide to the U.S. legal system and the historical context behind its development.

A concise overview of the U.S. court system, including sources of the law and the basics of how judges and lawyers apply case law.

A study guide from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, organized in a question and answer format. Covers basic information on U.S history and the organization of the U.S. government.

An explanation of the sources of state and federal law and how they interact.

Outlines the steps a federal bill takes from its introduction in the House or Senate, through committee action, voting, and Presidential review.

A website explaining the steps involved in trial and appellate cases. Check out “How Cases Move Through the Federal Courts,” “What the Federal Courts Do,” “Who Does What,” and “The Federal Courts and the Other Branches of Government.”

A brief article explaining the division of powers between federal and state governments.

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