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Finding & Researching Your Paper Topic: Dead Ends

Guide on finding and researching your paper topic.

In a research rut?

Stuck? Think you've reached a dead end? Hey, it happens to everybody. In fact, it's a key part of the research process.

Sometimes you need those moments to get you to breath, look at where you are and where you're going (sing along...), and perhaps discover new paths not yet taken (read along...). 

Strategies for Becoming Unstuck

Take a break! (yes, more sing along time)

Talk to a librarian (appointments are now available!)

Brainstorm different terms, paths

Find a good research guide

Talk to your professor (clarify concepts, discuss alternative research and paper directions)

Be kind to yourself. It's common to get angry or bummed. Remember, being stuck is part of the process.

Research Help

We're here to help. Contact a research librarian for help with an assignment, project, or resource. 

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