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Cite Checker's Guide: About ILL

Helpful tips for law review cite checking assignments.


Books and media that are not available at Lewis & Clark College libraries, including checked-out and missing items, may be borrowed via Summit. This consortium of 39 academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, provides materials to current students, staff and faculty.

You can request items from Summit in Primo, the library's online catalog. Requested items typically arrive within three business days.

Current students, staff, and faculty may also borrow and return items in person at any Summit location. Be sure to bring your Lewis & Clark ID card.  

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Articles and books not available through Summit may be available via InterLibrary Loan. L&C Law students and faculty may use this form to make ILL requests. ILL requests are only available to current members of the Lewis and Clark Law School community and Attorney Services clients.

Do you have a question about our ILL policies? Check out our ILL Questions.

Are you cite checking for law review? Check out our Cite Checker’s Guide.

See our Alumni Services page to view the Law Library materials and services available to Lewis & Clark Law School alumni.

ILL Request Form

Need to Order a Book?

Step 1: Search for the book you need in the Law Library's catalog. For instructions in how to search, view Watzek Library's short video.

  • If the book is available at the Boley Law Library, take it off the shelf and check it out at the Library Desk;
  • If the book is only available at the Watzek Library, visit Watzek to check it out, or use the Request button and select delivery to Boley Law Library for next day delivery to our hold shelf;
  • If the book is only available at another Summit library, click the Request via Summit button, and select delivery to Boley Law Library. View Watzek Library's video tutorial here. Remember to start your search from Boley Library's home page instead of Watzek's.

Step 2: If the book isn't available from Lewis and Clark libraries or Summit libraries, make an Interlibrary Loan request via the ILL form or a WorldCat request.

Need an Article?

Step 1: Search for the article you need in our catalog. For help in how to search, view Watzek's video. Remember to start your search from Boley Library's home page instead of Watzek's.

Step 2: Search for the article in a specialized article database.

Step 3: Can't find what you're looking for? Make a request via ILL. 


Research Help

We're here to help. Contact a research librarian for help with an assignment, project, or resource. 

Mon-Fri, 11am

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