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Oregon Legal Research Guide: Start Here

Getting Started with Oregon Legal Research


Welcome to the Oregon Legal Research Guide.

Here you'll find links to Oregon laws, regulations, state and local government resources and practice materials.

For an in-depth guide to understanding how to do legal research in Oregon, consult Oregon Legal Research, available at the Boley Law Library, shown below. Also listed are several other excellent Oregon legal research guides prepared by law librarians throughout the state, which contain helpful material that may not be covered in this guide.

Oregon Practice Materials and Secondary Sources

Are you a summer associate or intern, a recent graduate, or new to practicing law in Oregon? The best place to start your research is the Oregon State Bar's BarBook database. Covering most legal topics in Oregon, the individual Bar Books provide analysis, case and statute citations, practice tips and forms. Since the BarBooks don't cover every subject, be sure to look at the additional links below.

Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association "OCDLA"

The OCDLA serves as a voice for the criminal defense bar in Oregon. In addition to hosting conferences and seminars, they also publish ten manuals. Select titles linked to our Primo catalog are listed below:






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