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Oregon Legislative History Research: Start Here

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This guide provides the steps used to find the documents (legislative history materials) that are produced when an Oregon law is created. It also lists additional resources that might be helpful in compiling the history of Oregon legislation. Click on the tabs above to view each step or download our printable guide.

Practice Tip:  If you are researching legislation enacted prior to 2007, we encourage you to visit an Oregon Law Library for assistance: the process can be complex and some resources are not available online.

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Dates to Remember

Here is a quick overview of what documents are available by year and where to find them:

  • 2007 to Present- The Oregon Legislature's webpage has links to older versions of ORS and Oregon Laws. The site also allows a keyword search of bills from 2007 onwards. After selecting a bill, the following materials are usually available:
    • Bill text and amendments
    • Committee hearings and work sessions on audio or video
    • Meeting exhibits
    • Financial impact reports
  • 1995 to 2006- Online information must be gathered from many different sources:
    • Oregon Laws (HeinOnline and Oregon Legislature)
    • Bills (Oregon Legislature)
    • Legislative Tracings (Oregon State Archives)
    • Committee hearings on audio (Oregon Archives and Legislature)
    • Minutes summaries or audio logs
  • 1970 to 1995- Except for Legislative Tracings, most research must be conducted using print resources, microfilm, or requests from the Oregon State Archives. Check Oregon newspapers and law reviews for background information.


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