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Oregon Legislative History Research: Step 3. For Bills 2007-Present

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Was Your Bill Passed in 2007 or Later? Start Here

If your legislation dates from 2007 to present, follow these steps to locate committee information and sometimes reports associated with your bill:

  • a) Start with the Oregon Legislature's page: All Session Bills - 1995 to Present
  • b) Select the session (year), then Bills from the top right-hand menu and enter the Bill number
  • c) The Overview, Text, Analysis, Exhibits and Amendments tabs all link to useful documents
  • d) To view or listen to hearings, scroll down to Measure History and click on the hyperlinked dates.

Example: Finding the History of a 2017 Bill

We're looking for the history of the 2017 amendment to ORS 811.060 and have identified HB 2598 as the relevant bill.

a) Start with bills from the 2017 Regular Session.



b) After selecting the 2017 Session, a new page opens. Click on the Bills icon in the upper right corner, type the number of your bill in the box, and then click Go.


c) An overview of the legislation is provided with additional tabs providing the text of the bill as it moved through the chambers, staff analysis, exhibits presented during public hearings, and amendments to the bill.


d) Links to videos or audio recordings of the public hearings and work sessions are in the Measure History, located below the bill's Overview. Scroll down to the highlighted hearing or work session and click the circled arrow to open up a new page.

e) The committee meeting agenda for the selected day is listed with a link to the video recording of the meeting (Recorded Content).

Clicking on the Recorded Content button opens the viewer. A brief agenda below the screen allows one to jump ahead, while the recording log to the right identifies the times of discussion.

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