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Legal Research Workshops - Prepare to Practice: Calendar of Workshops

Guide to the courses, dates, times, and videos for the Boley Law Library Prepare to Practice Workshops

Prepare to Practice

Calendar of Workshops

Date Topic Librarian Room #
1/14/2020 CALI Student Session

John Mayer,

CALI Executive Director

WH #8
1/22/2020 Launch Your Career

Meredith Kostek and

Devra Hermosilla

WH #7
1/24/2020 Paper Writing Workshop (offered at 12:10 and 4:30)

Hillary Gell

LRC #5
1/28/2020 Paper Research Workshop (offered at 12:10 and 4:30)

Mari Cheney and

Meredith Kostek

WH # 8
1/29/2020 Secondary Sources and Using the Library Effectively Mari Cheney WH #7
2/5/2020 Administrative Legal Research Mari Cheney WH #7
2/12/2020 Court Documents, PACER, and Forms Jim Kite WH #7
2/19/2020 Approaching Your First Work Assignment Meredith Kostek WH #7
2/26/2020 Transactional Legal Research Jim Kite WH #7
3/4/2020 IP Legal Research Jim Kite WH #7
3/4/2020 Immigration Legal Resources Meredith Kostek WH #8
3/11/2020 Oregon Legal Resources and Legislative History Wendy Hitchcock WH #7
3/18/2020 Technology and Ethics Rob Truman online recorded
4/1/2020 Power Searching Rob Truman online recorded
4/9/2020* Exam Prep Mari Cheney and Meredith Kostek online recorded

Class Descriptions

Launch Your Career (1/22)

This class will help students prepare for job searches and interviews using the tools we have available through the library and Career Services. It will focus on research tools (commercials and free), hiring timelines, and school resources.

Secondary Sources/Using the Library Effectively (1/29)
This class is an overview of secondary sources (much like Lawyering 1 class material) for students that need a refresher. It will also go over basic library skills like searching for a book and finding the best database for your search.

Administrative Legal Research (2/5)
This class will examine federal (and state) regulatory processes and master strategies for finding and using various legal and interpretive materials produced by the Executive Branch.

Court Documents/PACER/Forms (2/12)
This class will help students learn what they can and cannot find through state websites, Bloomberg, and PACER. It will also discuss form practice and where to find various forms.

Approaching Your First Work Assignment (2/19)
Not sure what to expect from your summer legal position. This workshop will take you through several initial work assignments, how to approach them, what research techniques to use, and how to make a successful first impression on your employer.

Transactional Legal Research (2/26)
This class will provide a look at the best research tools for transactional lawyers, may include EDGAR and Bloomberg Law.

IP Legal Research (3/4)
This class will look at some basic and universal Copyright and Patent materials including: major research treatises (Nimmer, Goldstein, and Patry) and a good working knowledge of the available resources on the Copyright Office website (and an understanding of the limits of the Copyright Office's regulatory authority).

Immigration Legal Resources (3/4)
Concentrating on helping students prepare for work over Spring Break at border detention centers, this class topics will include: a tutorial on expedited removal under INA section 235(b)(1), credible fear, asylum, and some of the Trump Administration policies like Remain in Mexico, metering, and the asylum ban. Also client interviews and secondary trauma training might be discussed.

OR Legal Resources/Legislative History (3/11)
This class will teach students where to find OR legal resources and how (and why) to do OR legislative history.

Technology (3/18)
This class will look at technology students will need during summer jobs or as practicing attorneys. Can include stripping metadata from Word documents, how to search through spreadsheets, OCRs and PDFs, and possible ethical rule requirements to keep up with technology (ABA Model Rule 1.1).

Power Searching (4/1)
Starting with basic boolean searches and moving into great Google hacks, this class will teach students how to effectively frame their search terms and use the technology search fields to their advantage.

Exam Prep (4/9)
Using the library’s available resources showing students how to effectively prepare for exams. Topics covered will include, outlines, study aids (print and online), past exams, and test-taking tips. *Date change to Thursday, April 9th

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