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Legal Research Certification Program (Prepare to Practice): Lesson Three- The Federal Register

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General Questions:

Preparing to Practice

Using, can you find a 2020 proposed rule by the Fish and Wildlife Service to remove the Nashville crayfish from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife? What is the Federal Register citation?

Using HeinOnline's Federal Register Library, run a citation search for 50 FR 231. What is the title of this final rule?

The Federal Register

The Federal Register is an important resource for finding administrative law documents. Below you will find an introduction to the federal register and a brief summary of how to search it, followed by a quiz. If you want extra practice using these resources, look at the "Preparing to Practice" section on the bottom left for real life problems using case summaries.

Introduction to the Federal Register

Finding and Using the Federal Register


00:15​ HeinOnline



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Congratulations! You've completed Lesson 3. Click here to move on to Lesson 4- The Code of Federal Regulations. Want more practice? Try the questions in the "Preparing to Practice" section in the bottom left column.