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Legal Research Certification Program (Prepare to Practice): Lesson Six- Research Strategies

Modules and lessons for excellence in legal research and research strategies.



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Preparing to Practice

Think about the steps outlined in the Kite Strategy. Is this how you typically research? Think about your pretest to this module, did you have steps like this in mind as you developed your research strategy?

Take time to think about a research strategy. If the Kite Strategy works for you, start implementing it with your next research project. If it isn't working, look at the steps and see if you need to add steps in order to fully research something. Have a research strategy in mind the next time you have a research project and see if it helps you research more efficiently and effectively.

Research Strategy Introduction

Step One: Analyze the Prompt

Step Two: Make a Plan

Step Three: Get Up to Speed

Step Four: Primary Law

Step Five: Update

Step Six: Organize and Communicate Results