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Legal Research Certification Program (Prepare to Practice): Lesson Two- Research Guides

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Lesson Two- Research Guides

The legal world has many resources available. Part of becoming a great researcher lies in finding the right resource for the question at hand. Research guides, sometimes called Libguides when created by libraries, help you find the right resource for many of the questions you will have throughout your legal career.

To complete this lesson, listen to the three videos, "Overview of research guides", "How to find a research guide online", and "How to search a resource guide", then complete the practice problem and quiz at the bottom of the page.

Transcripts are provided for each video.

Overview of Research Guides

How to Find Research Guides Online

How to Search a Research Guide

Finding a Research Guide- A Research Problem

Use the techniques you learned about research guides to find a solution to this problem:

You begin working for a small boutique firm that handles probate issues such as wills, estate planning, and trusts. You are interested in finding major treatises on this subject and where you can read these treatises prior to beginning your work.

Use a research guide to find your answer. Assume no particular jurisdiction.