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Legal Research Certification Program (Prepare to Practice): Lesson Five- Citing References and Decisions

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General Questions:

Preparing to Practice

On Lexis

Using Micron Tech Inc. v. Rambus, Inc. 645 F3d 1311, find Oregon District court opinions (9th District) that cite Headnote 9 in the opinion. How many did you find and which one has the greatest depth of treatment?

On Westlaw

In the case Conway v. Pacific University (924 P2d 818) headnote 13 on fraud has to do with the facts of your case. You are interested in secondary sources that will dig deeper into this topic (but want to stay away from law review articles). Are there sources that will help you find out more about recklessly made statements and negligent misrepresentation (headnote 13)?

Citing References Introduction

Citing References are a great way to find relevant primary and secondary sources without having to run a completely new search. Below you'll find three videos that explain what citing references are, how to find them in Westlaw and Lexis, and how to search them. If you want extra practice on this topic, check out the "preparing to practice" column in the lower left corner. This is a place to practice what you've learned in the videos before moving on to the next lesson.

Citing References Overview

Finding Citing References

Searching Citing References


Next Lesson

Congratulations! You've completed Lesson 5. Click on the Lesson 6 link to continue with this module. Want more practice? Try the questions in the "Preparing to Practice" section in the bottom left column.