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Legal Research Certification Program (Prepare to Practice): Lesson Six- Presidential Documents

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General Questions:

Preparing to Practice

Using, find the executive order with this Federal Register citation: 81 FR 90669. What is the title of this executive order?

Use the Public Papers of the President to find Barack Obama's Remarks on the National Economy from February 4, 2009.

Presidential Documents

This lesson focuses on presidential documents. After watching the videos, take the quiz. If you want extra practice on this topic, check out the "preparing to practice" column in the lower left corner. This is a place to practice what you've learned in the videos before moving on to the next lesson.

Finding Presidential Documents

00:00​ Presidential documents in the Federal Register

00:10​ Official compilations of presidential documents

00:34​ Finding presidential documents on

00:49​ Finding presidential documents on HeinOnline

01:43​ Finding presidential documents on Westlaw

02:22​ Finding presidential documents on Lexis


Next Lesson

Congratulations! You have completed all of the lessons in Module 4, Administrative Law. Complete the Final Assessment for practice using these administrative law research methods.