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Legal Research Certification Program (Prepare to Practice): Lesson Four- Research Question

Modules and lessons for excellence in legal research and research strategies.



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Preparing to Practice

Using our hypothetical from the previous lessons, what is a good research question based on the facts and your familiarity with the area of law? Write out a research plan for this this research question. Remember to include what secondary or primary sources you will use, what your hypothesis is for the research, and search terms for your beginning searches.

Your managing partner is having a meeting tomorrow with an Oregon locally famous YouTube personality. She is famous for parody and comedy sketches about celebrities. She recently did a sketch she considered a parody of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. She has been contacted by Universal Picture’s law firm our of Universal City, California, with a cease and desist letter on her parody from last month. The managing partner would like you to research parody as a part of the fair use doctrine of copyrighted materials.


Research Question

Research Plan