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New Books: August 2022

Featured recent additions to our collections.


Each month the Law Library adds new books to our collection. Here is a selection of titles added in the last month. You'll find them on the New Book display by the front door of the Boley Law Library, or shelved in their proper spot. 

Click on the titles to see if they are available. Come to the library and check them out or, literally, come check them out of the library. Faculty, send us your requests and we'll have them in your inbox the next day.

Administrative Law

Business, Investment, and Tax Law

Criminal Law

Disabilities Law

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Environmental, Energy, and Natural Resources Law

Family Law

Health Law and Elder Care

Immigration Law

Indigenous Law

Innovation, Technology, & the Law

Intellectual Property Law

International, Foreign, & Human Rights Law

Legal Careers

Legal Education

Legal History

Lewis & Clark Law School Alumni Authors

Practice of Law